Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Exodus 4-5

(February 24, 2014)
The significance of the conflict between the people of God and Pharaoh was always lost on me until I started to learn about Abraham.  Now I see the importance of Pharaoh as a type and a symbol of the arm of flesh and the power of the world.  Pharaoh sees himself as immune to the wrath and judgment of God, a law unto himself, and sees himself as properly holding the priesthood.  He has become his own god.  Pharaoh is a symbol of Satan, of worldly power, and more frighteningly of each of us.  We are all mini-Pharaohs, thinking that our arm of flesh and priesthoods make us gods unto ourselves (seeking to rule our own will).  Our challenge in life is to flee Egypt (as did Moses) and return to the fold of the Lord.  Otherwise sure destruction awaits us, as it did Pharaoh.

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