Friday, July 25, 2014

1 Kings 9-10

(July 25, 2014)
                The Lord’s promise to Solomon, while important, is no different in many ways from the Lord’s promise to each and every one of us.  Like Solomon’s temple, our souls may be hallowed, and the Lord may put His name there forever if we are willing to accept Him.  If we are willing to walk before Him in integrity of heart and do according to all He commands us, we will be established on a throne in Israel forever.  But, if we turn from Him, then will we be cut off from His sight.

                One of the glorious factors of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that it is a true meritocracy even though it is also a monarchy.  Most monarchies only permit advancement according to birth, but the Lord’s perfect system of government avoids the chaos of democracy through a perfect hierarchy while simultaneously avoiding the stagnation of a monarchy through temporary callings and an ultimate judgment based upon our personal worthiness and His Grace.  Were I to sit down for years to consider a better system, I doubt I could come up with one.

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