Friday, June 20, 2014

1 Samuel 10-11

(June 20, 2014)
                For all of the frustrations that can be caused by people who do not believe in God (or believe in a God that is absent), it is heartbreaking to see who and what they become as a result of their own iniquity.  Think of the cry of the children of Belial – how shall Saul save us? – and know that when we think through anything in mortality we must eventually come to understand that nothing can save us.  We will die, and be forgotten.  And all those who once knew us will be forgotten.  Whatever we build will be destroyed, and whatever we destroy will be rebuilt.  To an atheist, there is no hope.

                Thank the Lord for the knowledge that He has given us and, more importantly, through the Atonement.  Because without it there is only the eventual coldness and emptiness of nothing ahead of both us and the universe.  To a child of Belial, the king cannot save them.  But to a Child of God, the King can save him.

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