Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ether 15; Moroni 1-6

(June 28, 2014)
                I feel for Coriantumr at this particular time in my life.  Coriantumr was a man who figured out, too late as it turned out, what he should have known all along.  At the point he realized his mistakes, he began doing what was in his power to fix his previous behavior, but the problems had gone on too long and the damage was too severe to rectify.  To his credit, he tried to make amends – but the temporal consequences of his behavior were permanent.

                Likewise I am in a similar position.  Like Coriantumr, I discovered some time ago my wickedness and took steps to root that out of my life.  And I was, thanks to the Atonement and the Lord’s blessing, successful in that attempt.  But, like Coriantumr, I am finding that the damage may have already been too severe to be overcome despite my repentance and forgiveness – though I have felt the Atonement wash away the spiritual effects of my prior sins the temporal effects may be beyond repair.  And that is something that fills my heart with a great deal of despair.

                But, even as that despair threatens to overwhelm me, I take comfort in the words of Ether at the close of the book that bears his name.  Whatever happens to us temporally – whether matters we desperately care about work out how we want them to or not – ultimately do not matter so long as we find ourselves saved in the Kingdom of God.  Redemption is, ultimately, a personal matter.  Over this last week, I have felt the Lord’s love and comfort moreso than at any prior point in my life.  For that, I am grateful – even as the despair threatens to consume me I feel blessed to receive the Comforter to help me carry on.

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