Thursday, June 19, 2014

1 Samuel 7-9

(June 19, 2014)
One of the blessings of the scriptures is that they are constantly changing (or, rather, our reactions to them are constantly changing as we progress through life).  As I read this chapter, I viewed what was written through the prism of the Ordain Women controversy that is dominating the attention of some members of the Church right now.  I read of the worship of Ashtaroth, and how many of the claims of divine femininity are so very similar to what we know about that ancient pagan religion.  I also read about how the people of Israel were not rejecting Samuel, but were rejecting the Lord.  That is likewise clear with the modern efforts of some to condemn the Brethren – they do not reject the Priesthood leaders, but rather reject the Lord.

The next time I read these chapters in two years, I will almost certainly have an entirely different reaction to them.  But that is one of the blessings of the scriptures – if we continually read them throughout our lives they will, through the power of the Holy Ghost, remain relevant and continue to teach us.

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