Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ether 10-11

(June 24, 2014)
                When I read through these chapters, my mind was drawn to the language concerning the rejection of the prophets.  In my own life, I have often failed to hearken to the counsel of the prophets – not from lack of belief but from lack of capacity.  Now, having made significant strides in bringing my life in accordance with the will of the Lord as revealed to His prophets, I find that much of the damage has already been done and my slowness in finally hearkening to the Lord may have catastrophic results for people who are innocent of my mistakes.

                     It is always hard to see someone you love suffer.  It is more difficult to see someone you love suffer because of something you have done.  But there is perhaps a special type of agony when you see people you love suffer because of mistakes you have made in the past, but of which you have repented.  In this situation, by going through the repentance process you gain perspective and understanding of the severity of your prior bad acts.  You learn to hate the sin that beset you so easily in your past.  And yet, having finally been blessed to overcome that sin (and being relieved of your burdens for committing it), you find that sin affecting others in negative ways.  I can only imagine that it must be what Alma the Younger felt as he likely tried (at least sometimes unsuccessfully) to reclaim those he had led astray.

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