Saturday, June 28, 2014

1 Samuel 21-22

(June 28, 2014)
                David’s army was a group of scoundrels and miscreants.  But it is interesting to look at David as a symbol of Christ (which he was, at this point in his life).  Like Christ, David was the anointed king.  Like Christ, David did not take the throne that was rightfully his to take – and which he likely had the power to take (speaking of David – Christ certainly had that power).  And like Christ, David found himself among those with debts, or those in distress, or those who were discontented.

                I am struggling with certain parts of my life – most particularly the challenges that will face me in my interactions with my family going forward.  But of a lesser concern, but still a concern, is the impact that this will have on me and who it will make me to be.  I realize that I am becoming something other than the ideal that is presented within the faith.  But examples such as these remind me that the ideal is not a necessary component of a close relationship with the Lord.  Christ, like David, worried less about the nature of the man and more about the willingness of the man to follow Him.  And I am willing to follow Him, despite my weaknesses.

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