Friday, April 25, 2014

Alma 47

(April 23, 2014)
There is the old expression that when we lie down with dogs, we wake up with fleas.  Sometimes we are tempted to join in common cause with others who do not share our beliefs, and we are reluctant to do so.  We need a set of principles that will assist us in determining when we should do so, and when doing so will result in damage to the work of the Lord (as was the case when Amalickiah was able to work himself into the service of the king of the Lamanites).

I think the key principle is the counsel that we have been given to seek out people of good will.  Perhaps they might not agree with our doctrine, but working with people genuinely trying to do what is right will result in our better understanding them and them better understanding us.  Working with those not of good will, even when we share common cause, will ultimately result in negative consequences for us and for the righteous goals we are attempting to achieve.

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