Friday, April 25, 2014

Alma 49

(April 25, 2014)
More and more I am seeing examples of people attacking the religious for the crime of believing in their faith and living according to its teachings.  Whether the issue is homosexuality, the Priesthood, or anything in between it seems that there is no easier way to be disqualified for polite company than to stand up for the faith.  For a long time, this made no sense to me.  But we tend to think that people see the world the same way that we do, and that is a mistake that we make.

There are those people in the world for whom the existence of God is no a comfort but rather an intolerable burden.  After all, God means absolute morality, and absolute morality means consequences for sin.  This is a painful subject for those who hold themselves in opposition to God.  Amalickiah’s reaction strongly paralleled in my mind the reaction of Stalin at his death – raising his fist to the Heavens and shaking it in defiance.  We should not expect the world to love us – in fact, if we are loved by the world that should be a sign to us we are on the wrong path.

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