Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Alma 50

(April 26, 2014)
It would be fascinating to truly understand the culture and history of what the Book of Mormon is describing here.  For example, why was Moroni concerned that the people of Morianton might unite with (who?) in or near the land Bountiful?  The indigenous people to the north?  The very people of Bountiful?  It doesn’t make sense, but there seems to be much more there beneath the surface.

And what about the people having a union take place between them?  This seems to be an intermarriage between the two tribes (as best as I can interpret it) – something that would have been common for people in Mesoamerica but not something that Joseph Smith would have had much experience with.  Is that what the union is referring to?

All in all, it would certainly be nice to truly understand what is being described and what is going on in this chapter – there is culture that I think I am missing that impacts my understanding of the doctrine.

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