Monday, April 21, 2014

Finally Caught Up, and a Change

Well, I had fallen quite a bit behind in my posting (although I was still keeping records of my scripture reading daily), but over the past several days I have managed to finally catch up on what I had written in the past.  As I did this, I began to think about what I wanted to do going forward and what I wanted this blog to be about.

I recently cleared 1,000 page view, so there is at least someone else in the world who is reading what I am writing.  And that is good, I hope it is providing some strength and comfort for you.  Going forward, I intend to expand somewhat the things that I include in this blog.  I will include links to articles that I find informative and enlightening, quotes and my comments on them, and general thoughts that I am having.  It will not be solely limited to my responses to scriptural texts, although that will still be included.

I hope the changes that I make will be of some value to you.

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