Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Numbers 23-24

(April 22, 2014)
I cannot help but think that the story of Balaam has significance for those, like the Ordain Women movement, who claim to be within their prerogative to demand that the Apostles and President Monson petition the Lord to allow Priesthood ordination to all female members of the Church.  They claim their protests are nothing more than following in the footsteps of Joseph Smith – ask and ye shall receive.  In fact, however, their behavior is more akin to Balak demanding Balaam give them the proper response rather than taking the matter to the Lord to find out His will on the subject.

It is good to pray, including praying for guidance, but we cannot think that we can educate the Lord.  He knows more than we do – if we do not understand this, how can we understand anything?

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