Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Alma 21

(October 1, 2014)
                There seems to be a recurring theme of all deviations from the Gospel – the idea of universalism.  This is the doctrine that everyone will eventually be saved and reunited with God (or, its corollary in Mormonism, that everyone except the Sons of Perdition will ultimately be saved and reunited with God).  It is easy to see where this idea comes from – it is only a minor twisting of the truth.  The doctrine is that we are all saved from death by the Atonement of Christ (a universal gift), and so universalism is (somewhat) true.

                But this pernicious strand of universalism takes this doctrine and corrupts it into the belief that all mankind will ultimately be spiritually saved as well.  I won’t get into the arguments for that doctrine here (they are quite convincing, though, and widely held).  But I will say that at least Mormon was strongly opposed to this doctrine, and attached this spiritual universalism to Nehorism almost constantly.

                We adopt a dangerous practice when we choose to believe something that a known prophet characterizes as a false belief from a damnable group.  Salvation is freely offered, yes, but there have been and will be many who do not accept it.  If we believe this false doctrine, we may not choose to accept it ourselves and find ourselves lost at that final day.  Instead, may we grasp hold of the truth and cling to it.

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