Thursday, October 23, 2014

Alma 47

(October 22, 2014)
                It seems that we, from time to time, find ourselves in positions where it would seem achieving our goals require us to bend our principles – in this case, the accomplishment of the goal of avoiding war with the Nephites depended only on the king engaging in deception in warfare (something that would clearly be seen as a moral failure in a Mesoamerican society) and appointing a known traitor as his second.  But, I am sure the king thought, it would be better to choose to align myself with this devil to avoid death.

                Of course, when we are in that position it seems that the Devil (out of his desire for glee over our destruction) gives us the very thing we thought to avoid.  The king ultimately was killed by the very man he chose to keep him safe.  So too, if we seek to avoid some difficult circumstance or bad consequence, will find ourselves face to face with what we fear if we engage in unrighteous means to avoid it.

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