Monday, October 6, 2014

Alma 24

(October 4, 2014)
                There was language in this chapter that really struck me – the idea that they were so deep in sin that they were just barely able to repent.  Having been in that position before, I can truly understand what they were writing about.  After all, I have felt to be on a razor’s edge between salvation and damnation, and only through the Grace of God was I able to avoid falling.  Even after that Grace, it took everything that I had to offer (and copious amounts of help from the Lord) in order to somehow claw my way back to where I am today.  I was barely able to repent, and I do not understand (looking back) how I was able to do it, save it be a gift from the Lord.

                With that understanding, I am understandably touched by the actions of the Anti-Nephi-Lehis and their understanding of their positions before God (forgiven, but dare not return to prior evils).  It is not something unique to my present situation, however. Each of us, at all times, is in a position where repentance is beyond our capacity (yet essential to avoid destruction).  Each of us will be barely able to repent (whether in major sin or minor sin).  And each of us will remain there until such time as we are sanctified.  The only difference is that some of us recognize that we are there and some of us do not.  I was in the latter category, and I am now blessed to be in the former.

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