Friday, October 3, 2014

Esther 2-4

(October 3, 2014)
                I have read Esther a number of times, but never before has it struck me as deeply as it has this time.  I am so impressed by the faith of Mordecai.  I am so touched by the obedience and virtue of Esther.  These were good and honorable people, placed in a tragic and difficult situation, and when their deaths seemed to rise up in front of them they clung to God rather than turning away from Him.

                I hope, when I face challenges in my life, to have the confidence to say (as did Mordecai) that perhaps God will save me this way, but if not He will save me in another way.  But so long as I am true to Him, He will be true to me.  I hope, when I am called upon to do difficult things, I will have the strength to say (as did Esther), I will do it and if I perish, I perish.

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