Thursday, October 30, 2014

Psalms 40-43

(October 30, 2014)
                Using the symbolism of hunger and thirst for our need for God and the Atonement is a common thing, but one that I don’t think I fully understand.  I understand the concept, but as I examine my life most of the time my desire for God falls well short of my desire for food or for water.  Especially, considering, how I desire food or water at the end of a difficult fast.

                But there have been times – they are rare, but there – when I have genuinely hungered and thirsted after God.  I can remember what they felt like, and the miracles that were associated with them.  The prayers I prayed in desperation, calling up to the Lord, were answered with a power that does not accompany my rote prayers I pray just before going to sleep.

                The question then becomes how to do continually have this hunger and thirst (and I think the answer is line upon line)?  And how do I maintain that hunger and thirst and still find and maintain peace?

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