Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Job 22-27

(October 15, 2014)
                Two thoughts on this chapter.  The first is something that Job’s friends said – everyone sins.  This keeps getting alluded to, and it is, of course, doctrinally true.  But I have seen it recognized in two ways.  Sometimes people seem to say everyone sins in order to acknowledge and recognize our humility and unworthiness before the Lord.  I have also seen it, however, as a form of self-permissiveness (yes I sin, but everyone sins).  In the latter case, I have seen it become quite destructive.

                The second thought that I had was once again on vanity.  Nothing in this world really matters – it is all going away.  You can make no permanent impact on the world.  There is nothing that will last forever.  If we set our sights on vanity, that may be what we received (sometimes yes and sometimes no), but if we set our sights on the more important things we can have faith that we will get the help that we need.

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