Monday, October 6, 2014

Alma 25-26

(October 5, 2014)
                One consequence of trying to see through your own self-deception (and it is something that we must all do – we all lie to ourselves) is to judge whether you are on the right path.  We have no need to judge how far along that path we are (although it would be nice to know) – only to know whether we are on the right path to begin with.

                With that in mind, I was touched by the language in these chapters about those who recognize just how fragile our capacity to escape sin and become redeemed.  The language is that only those who are truly penitent understand these things.

                I have felt for some time that I am making progress, becoming whole, and walking the path of discipleship, but it is so difficult to know whether I am truly becoming what I should become (albeit early in the process) or whether I am deceiving myself.  I have voices surrounding me saying each – those who I trust are highlighting the progress that I am making, but those who should be in a position to know me the best speak of me being self-deceptive.  But with this there is an independent test – only those who are truly penitent recognize their situation, and I have felt deeply the razor’s edge by which I was spared from destruction.  Based upon that, I fee some confidence that the path that I am walking is the one that He would have me walk.

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