Friday, October 17, 2014

Alma 42

(October 17, 2014)
                This has long been one of my favorite scriptures in the entire scriptures, not so much because of the individual language, but rather what it signifies.  Corianton fell away about as far as a man could fall away from the faith.  He had the consequences of his father and grandfather in drawing people to reject the Gospel (and the people were thereafter destroyed for their wickedness).  He had personal sins of great significance (perhaps something he shared with his grandfather, although the record is silent in that respect).

                And yet, after all of this, Alma closes by telling Corianton that he is still called to the work.  Sometimes when I look back at my life and the missed opportunities that I have had to do something worthwhile for the Lord (missed because I wouldn’t answer the call or I was simply unworthy to do what I should have been doing), I get the feeling that my moment has passed and I will never accomplish what the Lord sent me to Earth to accomplish.  My life, I feel at times, has become a failure.

                But this is the cunning of the Adversary to try to convince me of this.  I may never be a Prophet or Apostle, but let’s face it – it was highly unlikely that I would ever hold that position anyway.  But I can bear my testimony online and in Church meetings.  I can make comments in lessons.  I can make chili for the Ward party.  I can pick up less-active members for Church.  I can teach the Gospel to my children.  The Lord can have use for me.

                The only thing that might be lost forever as a result of my sins is the pride and praise of the world that I sought in my service, and frankly good riddance to that.

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