Friday, October 3, 2014

Alma 23

(October 3, 2014)
                There were a number of thoughts that I had as I read through this chapter, but the closing line struck me once again.  As the Anti-Lehi-Nephis repented, they had the curse of God no more following them.  This curse, as the scriptures tell us, is idleness and the beginning of that verse talks about how they became an industrious people.  But I don’t think that this scripture can be limited to a single vice.

                When we repent – when we allow ourselves to be truly converted to the Lord – He begins to take our curses away from us.  I used to look at abandonment of sin as the end of the process, but I have since learned that it is the beginning.  We abandon our sin, so as to be worthy of the Spirit in our lives.  Then, and only then, the Spirit begins to work to change our natures (a painful process at times, but one very worthwhile).

                Whatever our curses in our lives (and we all have them), we can be free of them.  But the starting point for freedom from these curses, whether idleness, fear, anger, jealousy, lust, or anything else, is always personal repentance.  When we repent, and when we are forgiven, the healing can then begin.  God will then work to change our natures and the curse of God will no more follow us.

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