Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Alma 55

(October 29, 2014)
                The war chapters are profound symbols for the war that is currently going on in each of our lives – the continuation of the War in Heaven.  I was drawn to the wisdom of Moroni when he took the city of Gid and immediately began making additional preparations to defend not only those cities but also Mulek and Bountiful as well.

                When we make progress in our lives, Satan will not just concede the ground.  He fights for our souls just as hard as the Lord does.  He is not idle, nor does he admit defeat (Satan is bound up in his pride).  When we take a piece of ground, in my experience, we can expect a global assault almost immediately thereafter.

                When we abandon a habit or a vice, when our minds are opened or our testimonies increased, we will find ourselves refighting battles long since won.  If we have not, in the intervening years, continually improved our fortifications, we may find ourselves disrupted or destroyed by these attacks.  We must constantly be on guard – we are never perfected, only protected, in mortality.

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