Thursday, October 23, 2014

Alma 46

(October 21, 2014)
                Some of the most painful situations in life are those times when things are out of our control, but which lead to pain and suffering for those we love.  The classic example of a child who chooses to leave the Gospel comes to mind as the perfect demonstration of this.  When things like this happen, our first inclination is to self-evaluate (what should we have done?  what did we do wrong?), and I think that is healthy.

                But ultimately agency is such that there will be those that we love who make bad choices – it is inevitable.  Mormon was very clear to say that Helaman taught the people well, but the people abandoned the faith in droves anyhow.  If Helaman isn’t a good enough example, let us look to the perfect Father that we have over us – He is without sin, and yet how many of us His children have chosen a path contrary to His will and which will bring us pain and misery?

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