Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Job 1-4

(October 8, 2014)
                Sometimes we may feel that we are losing something temporally – toys, land, money in the bank, and so forth.  These things that we see ourselves gaining and losing, however, never really existed.  Job’s understanding of things was far better in his time of extremity than mine typically is – naked came we into the world and naked will we leave, the only thing that matters is our relationship to Christ and our capacity to turn our will over to Him.

                The other thought was on the importance of holding to our beliefs.  When we believe, it is inevitable that we will be tested in that belief by adversity and even by well-meaning friends or family members steeped in the philosophies of men (and we will likewise challenge our family members and friends).  But it is important that we hold to our beliefs and allow the Lord to teach us, and to allow others to hold to their beliefs and allow the Lord to teach them.

                It does no good to anyone for others to sit around and tell them how they are wrong.

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