Friday, December 4, 2015

3 Nephi 19

(December 2, 2015)
                I’ll admit that I oftentimes struggle to say prayers that last more than about a minute.  I love the Lord, and He is always there for me, but my prayers are decidedly lacking (though better than they were in the past).  So I couldn’t help but wonder what the people prayed for without multiplying words.

                The only thing we see in the scriptures is that they prayed for the Holy Ghost.  With the understanding that the Gift of the Holy Ghost is a priceless thing, I don’t see how you could ask for that for the amount of time that people were praying here without multiplying words or repeating themselves.

                What such thoughts demonstrate to me is how much I still have to learn about prayer.  I imagine my prayers might be more intense and meaningful if I were praying in the presence of the Savior, but in effect that is what we are always doing – the Savior is always there if we allow Him to be.

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