Monday, December 14, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 124

(December 13, 2015)
                There is an important truth in the way the Lord views us contained in this Section.  We sometimes, as Members of the Church, see the formalities as inflexible.  There is some importance to that – if the policies exist, they should generally be followed if possible.  But what about the times when they are not possible to be followed?

                The Lord gives instruction here on how He views such things.  He gives us a period of time to get ourselves in compliance with His will – grants us sufficient time to build a house unto Him, for example.  In the meantime, He accepts our offering (even though it may be limited).  For example, during the time the temple was being built, the baptisms conducted were acceptable to Him.

                So if we are ever in a position where we cannot comply with a policy or commandment, it is not an either/or situation (we follow or are damned on one hand or the commandment is irrelevant on the other).  Instead, our efforts are acceptable to the Lord, so long as included in those efforts is a determination to bring ourselves to the point where we can keep the full commandment or policy.  We are not condemned for our efforts when prevented from full compliance, but we are not justified is we do not make efforts or arrangements to come into compliance.

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