Tuesday, December 1, 2015

3 Nephi 9-10

(November 25, 2015)
                There is a great deal of hope that I draw from these chapters.  Here the people were in a place of great destruction – and, despite the people being comparatively righteous, they were still being destroyed because of their wickedness.  They were thus brought to a point of mourning for their losses and fear for their future.

                In such a very short period of time, however, they were changed from that state into a state of joy.  The difference, of course, being the hope that they found in Christ for their future.  Likewise, I understand that I am in a painful and difficult spot right now (and it feels, at times, as though it will last forever).  But just as happened here, the stands ready to help me to change from mourning to joy if I will only turn to Him and fully welcome Him into my life.

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