Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 94-95

(November 20, 2015)
                In our modern society, all too often we believe that love goes hand in hand with acceptance – if someone doesn’t accept us where we are, then they do not love us.  But the Lord’s view (which, of course, we should emulate [like everything else He does]) is different.  In His view, love and chastisement go hand in hand – because He loves us, He blesses us with trials, adversity, hardship, and pain.

                Of course the nature of our relationships with one another is different than the relationship of Christ with us.  We are not in the position to heap chastisement and adversity on each other, nor would we have the wisdom to correctly do so.  But we also should not seek to assist those that we love in avoiding the chastisement that the Lord wants to bless them with for their unrighteous behavior.  That is the point where we go from loving those around us to enabling their disobedience.

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