Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 110

(December 4, 2015)
                Here the language is use “thousands and tens of thousands.”  This must have been an amazing amount for those who heard it in 1836, but in retrospect it is so far below the full extent of the blessing given.  We know that the number is not tens of thousands, but millions or tens of millions.  Who knows what it will be in the end.

                I wonder how often the Lord does this when He communicates with us.  He has a blessing to offer us, but our minds are so limited in our imagination of what we can receive that He is obligated to promise us something far less than the full blessing because otherwise we wouldn’t believe it.  I think that this is more common than we might think – that the joy which He has to share with us is so wonderful that He has to downplay it in order for our limited minds to believe and understand it.

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