Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mormon 8

(December 15, 2015)
                It is hard to reconcile our intellectual understanding of the Gospel with our emotional responses to the world around us sometimes.  For example, I am certain that Moroni is correct when (discussing his bleak future) he says that it doesn’t matter what happens.  I can say the same thing about my own future – I don’t know what will happen, but whatever it is that future will have been designed by a loving God.  So it really doesn’t matter what will come.

                But that intellectual understanding is at war with my emotional reaction to my future.  There are things that I want to accomplish in my life.  And there are blessings that I want to receive.  And far from saying it doesn’t matter, my soul cries out that it does matter – a lot.  What’s more, there are opportunities that have been lost forever.  Once again, it isn’t something that doesn’t matter – it matters a lot.

                I suppose that is part of our progression.  Our mind may understand that we need to trust the Lord, but our emotions lead us to deal with things ourselves.  It is only after we have placed our trust in the Lord that we learn that we can trust the Lord.  Faith leads to obedience, which leads to faith.

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