Saturday, December 12, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 114

(December 8, 2015)
                This is a short Section, but it has two key thoughts in it.  The first, of course, is about our priorities.  But beyond that, it is a reminder that the Lord is in charge.  There are those who misuse their Priesthood, and there are those who have been hurt by the mistakes (well-intentioned or malicious) of leaders in the Church.  And, to be fair, there are those who are hurt by their correct decisions as well, when the decision that saves one soul hurts another.

                I put myself into one of those categories above (though I don’t claim the wisdom to know which one it might be).  But there is a comfort in knowing that, despite the hurt that I have felt, that the Lord is still in charge.  The leaders that He chose He can easily replace.  And I can count on Him for protection, regardless of what happens, if I keep my focus on Him.

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