Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mormon 1

(December 9, 2015)
                I think there is significance to the fact that Mormon came from the north (he was raised there) and yet lived in the south in his formative years.  His editing makes it painfully clear that he views the north as a dangerous, evil place (and you wonder what happened to make that belief come into place).  Were he only familiar with the south, he likely would not have been as aware of the machinations of the secret combinations (they always tended to be tied to the north – to the Jaredites, perhaps, or some other people or group).

                There are exceptions, of course.  In 3 Nephi, for example, we see just one such exception.  But the general rule for Mormon is that the north is the source of evil and destruction, and it is apparent that he perhaps could have been drawing from some personal experience.  Could that experience have been the reason why Mormon and his father went south?  Could he and his father have been fleeing?

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