Tuesday, December 1, 2015

3 Nephi 2-3

(November 19, 2015)
                In these chapters, we see that a just man is not frightened by the threatenings of a robber.  I couldn’t help but contrast that with the response of Pilate to the mob – because of his mistakes he lacked the political capital to resist their bloodlust and spare the life of Christ (who he recognized to be an innocent man).

                So many times, our own weaknesses are used by those who would hurt us.  And yet we cling to those weaknesses in spite of the damage that they cause and the power it gives others over us.  If, instead, we follow the example given here and turn our weaknesses over to the Lord we would not be afraid of  the threats of those who would do us harm and could resist them with both charity and strength.

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