Monday, December 14, 2015

Mormon 4

(December 12, 2015)
                We tend to want to see the Lord come down and smite our enemies (after all, if they are against us they must be against the Lord…right?).  But if we wait for the Lord to smite those who hurt us, we will likely be waiting a long time.  The Lord spends His efforts supporting each and every one of us in our attempts to become like Him (and like our Father).  He leaves the smiting to the wicked.

                It is the nature of the wicked to hurt one another.  When we are living as we should, and turning to the Lord, we find His support for us during our suffering at the hands of the wicked.  The wicked, once hurt by other wicked people, have no such support (because they do not want it), and find themselves destroyed as a consequence.  The Lord stands ready to defend and protect and support each of us (even those who have hurt us deeply), but it is their own character that causes them to refuse such assistance.

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