Monday, December 1, 2014

3 Nephi 14-15

(November 29, 2014)
                There is a hubris that I think we all fall prey to, in that we believe that we understand far more about the Gospel than we thing that we do.  We give up on the Law of Moses too quickly, or we cling to it after Christ fulfills the Law of Moses, or we simply don’t understand how He fulfilled it.  These are examples from the days of the Nephites, but we are foolish to not recognize that we have similar blind spots in our own attempts to follow Christ and obey the law.

                That is the reason why the road of discipleship requires absolutely everything that we have to offer – because our place is so very tenuous.  It is made even more tenuous by our ability to convince ourselves that we are well-off, or on the path, or similar things when we are always just a misplaced step from falling away.  It is clear that the obligation we have to work out our salvation with fear and trembling is a legitimate obligation and not one to take lightly.

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