Sunday, December 28, 2014

Isaiah 33

(December 28, 2014)
                Once again, Isaiah is pointing out that we serve an eternal cause, and temporal things are not nearly as important.  Isaiah points this out by highlighting the fact that there are those who spoil others having never been spoiled themselves and who deal treacherously with others having never had others deal treacherously with them.  All of us know people of this sort, and we all likely can identify ways in which we behave this way also.

                It may frustrate us when those who spoil us seem to escape the consequences of their behavior, but let us never forget that we are escaping the consequences of far worse behavior in ourselves.  Others may act against us without a cause, but that is nothing compared to acting against the Living God.  And yet, God stands ready to accept us back.  Those who harm us, by doing so, do far more damage to themselves – especially if they get away with it in mortality!  Better for them that they suffer for their actions against us, as that may give them the opportunity to repent.  But they can never escape the damage their actions cause and it must be dealt with in the end (whether in this life or the life to come).

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