Monday, December 29, 2014

Moroni 8

(December 29, 2014)
                I have often wondered why Moroni included this letter from his father.  He was running out of space on the plates, he was on the run for his life, and he decided to throw in a chapter about infant baptism.  The only thing that I could think of was that while the plates were scarce, time was even more scarce and he could easily copy the letter rather than create something of his own (or, perhaps, he felt the sermons of his father – even on a topic like this – were more valuable than what he could compose himself).

                The other thought was on Mormon’s instruction to pray for those who he believed were destined to be destroyed.  Mormon had read the prophecies, and had seen his people and their wickedness.  He was under no illusions as to the end result militarily or spiritually.  And yet, Mormon insisted that Moroni and he continue to pray on their behalf.  Just like these prophetic examples, we too need to not give up on those who may be falling short of where they need to be – even if things seem hopeless.  Perhaps, thought Mormon, the Lord might be merciful one more time to them and this would give them the chance to repent and change.  With those we encounter, we should have the same thoughts – no matter what they do, have done, or are doing we should pray for them that perhaps the Lord might give them one more chance and perhaps they might take it and repent and be accepted back with Him.

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