Monday, December 1, 2014

3 Nephi 18

(December 1, 2014)
                I had a good friend who introduced me to the idea that sometimes deeper doctrine is simply taking literally the words of the Savior.  I often recognize in myself the desire to explain away the Savior’s words or contextualize them within my own framework rather than accept them as He said them.

                I thought of this as I read the Savior’s exhortation to watch and pray always less we be tempted and led away captive by the Devil.  Do we really believe that we must always be watching and praying, or else we will be vulnerable?  Do we act as though we believed this?  As I think through the subject, it becomes apparent to me that it is so easy to be led away – to have pride blind us to our own weaknesses or anger or hatred strip us of charity – that it really does take everything we can bring to the table to avoid being deceived and led captive.

                It is a frightening thought, but I think that is an important reminder to each of us to never forget our utter and complete reliance on the Lord from moment to moment.

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