Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Isaiah 13-14

(December 19, 2014)
                The destruction of Babylon is an inevitability.  This is the thing that I don’t understand about the atheists – how could anyone be happy that there was no God?  I have been in a position where my faith was weak and I was very unsure of anything, and the feeling as I examined things trying to find the truth for myself.  The thing that I most remember about that experience was the overwhelming terror that consumed me.

                There is nothing appetizing about atheism and the annihilation that is the inevitable consequences derived from that theory.  Even (especially?) those who worship and idolize Babylon recognize that Babylon will ultimately fall.  Why then attach your fate to something so transitory and doomed to fail?

                I was blessed to pass from the doubt and fear of uncertainty to a much stronger testimony than I had before.  But even when all other parts of faith were gone, the knowledge that Babylon would fall was constant and inescapable.

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