Wednesday, December 3, 2014

3 Nephi 19

(December 2, 2014)
                Christ is the perfect Man – He speaks and the very universe obeys.  This was why it struck me the way that Christ asked the Father for the things that He wanted – things that were clearly very good.  Christ, with all of His Divine authority, still understood His relationship to the Father and maintained humility despite His perfection (as if perfection could be achieved without humility).

                I think of C. S. Lewis’s great little essay God in the Dock, and how so many of us in these days like to pretend that we can judge God, or His prophets, or His Church.  We put ourselves above those that rightfully should be above us.  Christ never did this – He understood that the Father was above Him.  Humility is not self-deprecating – Christ certainly understood His perfection and spoke of it – but it is an understanding of our relationship to God.

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