Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ether 14

(December 26, 2014)
                You could read the story of Shiz and never realize what was going on without the information we received in verse 24.  So many times we see conflict around us and we think that they are conflicts between opinions held by people of good will.  But Shiz shows that this isn’t always the case.  Shiz wanted vengeance against Ether – Shiz was fighting against God directly.

                There really is only one question – ‘what think ye of Christ?’ – and there are only two positions on any issue.  One is the right one, and one is the wrong one.  That doesn’t mean that we think that we are always right and our ideological opponents are evil (there must be a certain level of intellectual humility), but there must be a recognition that there is a good side and a bad side and our efforts shouldn’t be to promote our side but rather to find the truth wherever it is.  We run into problems when we deny that there is an objective truth.

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