Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ezekiel 23

(February 26, 2015)
                There is a very important principle hidden in this chapter, and it is a principle that is not just limited to this portion of the scriptures but is found throughout (particularly mentioned in Alma).  Ultimately, the Lord will give us what we want.  The trouble is, what we want generally speaking leads to our damnation because we are a lost and fallen people.

                That is why our concern with justification is misguided at times.  Being justified by the Lord is an important and necessary first step, but it is ultimately just the first step.  Being justified will not be sufficient to get us where we need to get to in order to partake of Exaltation.  As long as we want wickedness, in any form or fashion, we are unfit for eternity because we will ultimately get what we want.

                That is why it is so necessary that we allow the Atonement to change our fallen natures.  Being justified allows us to have sufficient interactions with the Spirit to apply the Atoning Grace of the Savior into our lives and allows Him to sanctify us (with our continuing effort).  But just being clean means nothing if we are only going to get dirty again tomorrow.  While in mortality, that is inevitable.  But we need to be constantly progressing so that we stay cleaner longer, get dirty less often (and less badly), and most importantly that we learn to love and want to be clean.

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