Friday, February 20, 2015

Jarom 1

(February 18, 2015)
                Sometimes it is hard to deal with the clear language of prophets.  In this case, Jarom is clear that all of the people of this time who were not stiffnecked, and who had faith, had communion with the Spirit.  This seemingly indicates that if we are not having communion with the Spirit it is a pretty strong indication that we are either stiffnecked, lack faith, or both.

                Of course, we don't follow ancient prophets so much as we follow modern ones.  And in our case, there seems to be some language than not everyone who lacks a spiritual witness likewise has a character defect.  But I don't know of any particular language that directly contradicts the words of Jarom, either.

                I think the takeaway from this (rather than trying to judge ourselves and others by this standard) would be to realize that we can lay claim on this blessing.  If we work to have faith, and to not be stiffnecked, I think we can be justified in going to our Father in prayer and asking Him to fulfill this promise of a prophet to grant us communion (or greater communion) with the Spirit.

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