Monday, February 23, 2015

Mosiah 1

(February 21, 2015)
                There must be a great deal of significance to the fact that the Brass Plates were written in Egyptian.  For a long time, this was considered a demonstrable flaw in the Book of Mormon (because no self-respecting Jew, the story goes, would write sacred text in Egyptian).  But this record traces back to at least the time of Joseph in Egypt, and the particular passages that he wrote likely exist in this record but not the Bible in part because this record traces its history back to Egypt.

                There has always been a connection between Egypt and the Gospel – both good and bad.  Egypt was the host of the covenant people several times in her history.  Christ came out of Egypt, and that cannot have been an accident.  But Egypt is also the prime example of false Priesthood and the modern (comparatively speaking) example of the sins of Babel – Pharaoh set himself against first Abraham, then Moses.  I think there is a deeper significance there that ought to be examined, and the Brass Plates being kept in Egyptian is a part of that.

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