Monday, March 30, 2015

Alma 11

(March 23, 2015)
                I think each of us have had moments where, like Zeezrom, we thought we were being clever but those around us were easily able to see right through us.  I am convinced that a big problem that I continue to have in my life (though, thankfully, not nearly to the level that I used to have it) is that I try to make things too complicated out of a desire to rework reality into what I want it to be.

                This attempt at sophistry is likely pretty transparent to those around me (fortunately most tolerate it in me because they know and understand that I am trying to eliminate it from my life), but how much more transparent is it when we engage in the same sort of behavior when praying to the Lord?  Surely He can see through our posturing and deception (including our self-deception).  It is because of learning this that I find myself listening far more in my prayers now rather than talking as much – I have less of value to say, and so much of what I say is outright wrong.

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