Monday, March 30, 2015

Hosea 8-12

(March 25, 2015)
                The law of the harvest is a simple one, but one that we so often neglect to understand.  Whatever we sow, we will ultimately reap.  If we sow wickedness, we will reap wickedness.  If we sow forgiveness, we will reap forgiveness. 

                We sometimes lose track of this truth because we are sowing so many seeds in our garden and they come up at different times.  We may sow forgiveness, and then sow dishonesty, and at the very time we are sowing dishonesty the seeds of our earlier forgiveness start to sprout.  If we aren’t careful, we begin to think that our dishonesty yield the pleasant fruit properly attributable to forgiveness and we may sow more dishonesty as a result.

                Good actions, though, yield good fruit and the more good actions we sow, the happier we will be.  It really is that simple.

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