Monday, March 30, 2015

Daniel 11-12

(March 21, 2015)
                Understanding is something that is forever withheld from the wicked (to the extent of their wickedness) – and that includes each of us.  To the extent that we live our lives out of harmony with the light that is within us, we find ourselves unable to understand the words of the Lord.  We are rarely given understanding we are unwilling to live, and when we get it we often find it taken away thereafter.

                With this principle in mind (and the Lord describes it well in His summary at the end of Daniel), when there is something that we don’t understand in the Gospel the first step is to humble our hearts and repent of our sins.  The second step is to become committed to live the correct principle once we understand it (and to live it even before we understand it, if it is a principle that we can do that with).  Having done that, the windows of Heaven will open and our understanding will increase dramatically.

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