Monday, March 30, 2015

Alma 17

(March 29, 2015)
                It struck me how different this story would have been had it primarily been told from the perspective of Aaron.  It would have been the story of persevering over obstacles and being patient in afflictions.  It would have been the story of him likely praying in prison and his brother being inspired to come and rescue him.

                Aaron’s story, especially before teaching the king, seems to be a powerful story as a type for most of our lives.  We spend most of our lives and most of our days muddling through our Gospel assignments while the big work goes on elsewhere.  While we are getting kicked out of one city after another, the Ammons of the world are accomplishing great things which, in our weaker moments, we feel envious of.  But Ammon’s blessings were secure even before he taught the king (remember, he had been promised to survive).  And, likewise, we are successful if we are only willing to go and do what the Lord asks us to do – the battle ultimately belongs to the Lord.

                One additional thought, though – if you had been promised that your life would be spared if you went on a mission what would the one thing that would frighten you be?  If it were me, I would be frightened of being imprisoned.  After all, I couldn’t be killed, but I could live a long time in miserable conditions in prison.  I don’t think it is an accident that Aaron faced just the very challenge that could still try his faith despite the promises of the Lord.

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