Monday, March 30, 2015

Amos 4-5

(March 29, 2015)
                It is difficult to see it when those we care about make decisions that bring them misery and they will not hear us when we try to warn them.  Amos must have felt much the same – those around him were experiencing difficulties that resulted from their rejection of the Gospel and what was apparent to him he could not relay to them.

                No matter what sort of trauma the Lord used to wake the people, it just caused them to turn further and further away from Him. Ultimately, because of agency, each of us are free to make just that decision…we are free to turn towards the Lord or away from Him.  He may send challenges or prophets or blessings or anything else, but we ultimately retain the power to choose whether we will accept and follow Him (as does everyone else in our lives).

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