Monday, March 30, 2015

Alma 14

(March 26, 2015)
                I’ve thought about this scenario a number of times (the women and children being burned), but most of the time I thought about it from the perspective of their husbands and fathers.  But this time I really imagined the pain of a mother being forced to watch her children thrown on the fire (and being thrown on the fire herself) and the horror that would be involved in that.

                Then, having thought of that, I thought again that the ultimate reward from the Savior would dry every tear and make everything right.  How much of a blessing would be necessary to compensate for the pain of being forced to watch your children burn and being burned yourself?

                Thinking about that drove home just what an awe-inspiring blessing awaits us if we turn our lives over to the Lord completely.  He stands ready to give us an eternity worthy of this sacrifice (and any other sacrifice we make).

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